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Friday, March 2, 2018

Summer of Misery

It’s summer here in the south hemisphere.

My AC broke in mid-January and the problem wasn’t solved until mid-Frebuary, other than that, the electric grid of the city was acting weird like always, and the civil slaves at the power company have cut the electricity many times.


I’m working on Memoris of a Death Poeth, and except for a few accreations, the book is almost done.

It’s the book I was blogging here. I’m eidting, rewriting and typesetting it. It will be available for download here somewhere around mid-2018, maybe early July.

Take an excerpt of chapter 25 — Embellishment of Death’s Doorway in the meantine:


Editing The Matrix of Death Series (2011-2012)

   I wrote The Matrix of Death from around September 2004 to late 2011. It took me seven years because I wanted to write a massive poem that would be an asset for later in life. It also took that long because, while at first I wrote every week, in subsequent years writing poetry wasn’t one of my main daily, or even weekly, tasks.

   How a series of poetry would be an asset? It would be an asset, if  I write a poem of power. A poem to transcend this earth, to make my voice heard at the cosmic, interplanetary level.

   The first editions of The Matrix of Death were failures because of two factors, the useless nature of free applications to edit eBooks that I had, and the scarcity of choice in free resources like fonts and images.

   The years passed, but I conducted myself as if I had never written those books. Why? Because I felt that, even if the poetry inside was great, those books looked so bad because of the cover, that weren’t a good product overall.

   From late ‘11, this situation sapped out all the enthusiasm I had about my poetry and I occupied myself with technological things.

That sounds hopless, doesn’t it? Well I’m aiming at making the book something full of hope, for those reading it to benefit from it, not just to have a good time peeping into my life.

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