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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Today is one of the two monthly black days for many on earth

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…as per the vaishnava sect of hinduism.

When I officially started my path in spirituality, I had the fortune/misfortune of being introduced to oriental religions in general, and to the cult of Krishna in particular by Krishna devotees. I say it was a fortune because of the unlikeliness of achieving their association, and misfortune because they opened my awareness to an extense, satanic world of infiltrated by evil, obscure hindu sects and otherworldly demons.

I can’t stand Krishna devotees anymore, for me they are a poor excuse for one of the most extreme sects of hinduism. But ages ago, when I met them for the first time, I was very impressed by the arsenal of mental rinsings they did put me through. One very, and I mean very, shocking weapon in their arsenal of knowledge was the Ekadasi culture.

Put in simple terms, their Ekadasi is an ascetic practice they perform, two times per month based in a scriptural story that tells that in the eleventh day from the new moon—two times per month—all the sins of the universe enter all the vegetable grains on earth, and anyone eating them is eating that subtle dirt. The esoteric explanation is that it’s a pact between God and sin personified, for sin to have two days per month to punish earthlings; also to make them diseased and to age them.

There is a scientific explanation too, that explains it in terms of the moon’s gravity exerting a bad influence on liquid and grains.

Of the few cultural quirks I retained from my Krishnades, like using a tongue scrubber, one is following the Ekadasi fast, as best as I can.

What does as best as I can mean? It means observing it, but eating other foods that are allowed during the Ekadasi day, like yogurt, most fruits, nuts and some seeds.

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