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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Why did I became a poet for the death? Because I realized that the technicalities of occidental occultism, what for other (skeptic) persons can be labeled as gullible "mumbo-jumbo", proved a constant in my search; a kind of dialectical phenomena deserving to be shared.

The lurker or guardian in the threshold will be forever meeting the seeker at the gates of death, (occidental cemeteries artistic message, discourse as a sociocultural expression and sub-textual import) if she or he dares to venture in an integral quest for answers to the basic questions of human life.

My dark poetry is just the product of the search for beauty, purpose and goodness while sick with a total disillusionment with occidental out-looks on life (and death) as experienced first-hand when my quest begun seven years ago; and as it continued.

I decided to base my ouvre in what the spirits of the dead have or seem to have to say pertaining the pigeon-holing to which society subjects them once the the women, children and men they were passed away.

I am self-publishing (this site is hosted in a home web server) the work of seven years for death-oriented persons like you, possessors of an eldritch taste for things.

The "The Matrix of Death" complete set of ebooks features more than two-hundred poems on death, love, hate and homesickness; written, all of them, in old and traditional forms like elegy, French, Italian, English and other types of sonnet, rondel, senryu, triolet, sestina, adage, ode, villanelle, ramal, rubaiyat, ghazal and haiku.

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