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Monday, April 23, 2012

Matrix of Death --- Dark Poetry / Death Poetry

In mid-2004 I started to make the preliminar research for an epic saga of screenplays; I was lacking an Internet connection. I needed to create dozen of characters and one day I had the idea of going to a cemetery to see if I could find cool family names to use for my characters.

What awaited me there was not what I was looking for, though there were diverse categories fitting the personalities of some of the characters I had in mind, a very different phenomena captured my attention that winter evening.

I was reading the tombstones one after another, and each time I would find a name related to someone or something known and/or in any way related to me and/or present in my memory, there would be two attendant tombs of someone that along the one that first called my attention would make sense like a narrative in a nutshell (Think a set of three graves like Gilmore, Hindley, Manson)...

Since the vignettes presented very ambiguous and open to interpretation feelings evokative for the ego interpolating the signs, and, from a different angle, for humanity at large. The fancy was tested time and again only to pass the check of a repeating phenomena.

The poems for a while and then not only poems but also ideas and insights accumulated through several years, and only at the end of the quest, when I was about to reach the number of poems I wanted to write for a series, I came upon the knowledge of why this endeavor felt so important and intrinsically like a transcendental duty.

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