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Thursday, September 19, 2019

I'm Upsety


Situation Normal: All Deadened Up

A couple of girls on Tumblr took away the zest of blogging from me, early this year.

I was having fun, pointing the unwieldy objects many persons insist on passing for poetry on Tumblr, and trying to help.

What I got in exchange were a private complainer, and a public whiner. You can't discuss with those kinds of persons, you know? Best you can do is give them the reason, turn around, and forget about them

But I haven't forgotten how they ended my fun. They did it, because I wanted to be nice. But soon I'm not going to be nice anymore. I will do what I was doing again, and this time with a disclaimer in place, so I don't get derailed by those trying to put me on a situation of social network crisis.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Summer of Misery

It’s summer here in the south hemisphere.

My AC broke in mid-January and the problem wasn’t solved until mid-Frebuary, other than that, the electric grid of the city was acting weird like always, and the civil slaves at the power company have cut the electricity many times.